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Venus 10ml

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Beautiful floral top and heart notes of grapefruit rose absolute, geranium and jasmine, creating a symphony that blends softly into base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, vanilla, amber and Oud.

Venus is non-stereotypical gender... him or her... Unisex. A beautiful collection by T40 London.

A Must-have. Also available in a premium box. Coming soon.



Venus is an exotic and unique flower, one that does not exist in nature but in a dream, with its beauty captured by its fragrance. Spicy carnation and lily of the valley combine with amber, vanilla and musk in a fresh oriental style. Exotic and unique, Number 5 is like taking a walk in a hedonistic garden.

VENUS is addictive, it has that star-like quality that when you first smell it, you can’t help but go Oooh! This is the perfect unisex fragrance, not too floral but likewise not too musky either. Despite its wealth of floral notes, amber and musk are the stars of this scent, together they’re soothing and very silky and are perfectly intertwined with the spicy and floral notes. VENUS is simply a must for any fragrance lover.

Head Notes: Spicy and Exotic Floral Notes
Heart Notes: Carnation and Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber and Musk