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Usb Incense Burner

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Incense Burner Electric Fragrance Spraying for your home. Indoors or outdoors. 


1.Incense burner Aromatherapy ignition The incense is known to be discovered for about centuries ago.

2.Regularly, it spreads its aroma through burning a piece of charcoal or any other lighting tool; and despite the potential danger it carries, the incense is essential in every occasion.

3.Moreover, it gives a scent of luxury every time, along with all the memories it brings back while igniting.

4.Incense burner Aromatherapy ignition is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element.

5.It can heat the incense on the same temperature of charcoal.


Type: incense burner + magnetic lid.
Material: plastic  
Packing weight: 550g
Plug type: USB 
Color: gray or pink 
Function: spray incense 
Usage: Indoor fragrance, Buddhism, temple, worship, handheld, household use

Package Included

1 X Mini USB Incense Burner
1 X USB Charging Line
1 X Cleaning Brush

1 X Tong