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T40 Shaikh 77 50ml

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Shaikh77 Cologne. Floral scents. the sheer extravagance and head turning for any party goer.

Shaikh T40 No. 77 is a very sexual, very male fragrance that’s refined and smooth yet playful.

A citrus wave of bergamot orange and spirited lemon, Aromatic, cleansing lavender fills the heart with an erotic, sensual feeling.

Spicy cloves, juicy apples and hot cinnamon middle notes.

Woody cedar, earthy oakmoss, leathery labdanum, warm vanilla and animalic musk fix the base for a dry down with moderate longevity and sillage. Bringing high-quality ingredients to a classic masculine scent, this very Arabic cologne is designed for shaiks who desire the life of luxury.

Cross between Baccarat Rouge and CAMBODIA. Sweet 💞