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Fubbu bumps control (Exclusive)

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Our Bespoke beard fragrance every man must experience. A MUST BUY.

This is a unique creamy fragrance for men, for hard or sensitive skin, the solution to all razor burn and rash caused by shaving, No more irritations or dull looking skin. Great beard fragrance 5⭐. Long lasting woody scent lingers for hours with one application. 

Notes of Rose, Musk, creamy caramel ,sweet sent of pistachio. Very SEDUCTIVE. We recommend 5⭐

For a truly wonderful daily experience, start with your beard.

The masculine assistance when needed.

Use daily: 1. Make these a daily routine, rub on beard for that long lasting effortless moisture and fragrance. 

Rub on clean shaved skin to moisturise and that bumb control your skin crave for. Your bump control solution here to stay.