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Khulasat Al Oud Attar 30ml

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Undiluted concentrated oil perfume. Very strong Tobacco scent.  Great for smokers' cover-up.
Balanced with the gentleness of floral elements, giving your look a glow and diffusing a scent that flavours your presence in a unique, warm and alluring way. Such is the persona of Khulasat Al Oud body lotion that indulges your skin and your senses in a daily experience that will make you the envy of many. KHUSALAT PURE. TOBACCO.  
Fragrance note: Top note: Fresh, Sweet, Rose. Middle note: Fresh, Woody, Citrus, Leather, Smoky. Base note: Labdanum, Balsamic, Musk, Amber. 
Great collection. 

Khulasat Al Oud Attar NEW 30ml