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Bottle Humidifier 300ml

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300ML Air Humidifier Bottle shape Essential Oil Diffuser Silent Car Purifier USB Fogger Mist Maker for Home &Travel.

Color: light weight clear plastc

Name: bottle shape air humidifier

Material: ABS

Amount of spray:25-30ML/H
Capacity: 300ML
Weight: 0.115kg
Package: 1 * bottle shape air humidifier 
How to use:
1. Open the lid and add water
2. Close the cover, plug in the USB cable, open the switch
3. Complete
1. The product is suitable for use in vehicles, homes, office places, etc.
2, help solve the problem of air drying.
3, the product has atomizing air, room humidification, beauty and moisturizing effect.
4, the car is portable, carry it with you.
5, support charging treasure power supply, where to go, where to moisturize.
6, the product is stylish and beautiful, and the night light design makes your room more bright
1. The voltage used by this product is DC-5V. Please ensure that the working power supply is 5V DC power supply.
2. If you do not use this product for a long time, please keep the water tank clean, and wash the water rod to dry and unplug the power supply.
3. It is recommended to use pure water. Clean the water storage box once a month.
4. If there is abnormal sound or the water mist is obviously smaller, please re-water the water tank after shutting down.
5, the product works fashion when there is a bottle of water, do not invert the product.
6, USB power supply 5V, a variety of mobile phone charging head, charging treasure, computer, car charger can be used.
-Refresh indoor air: You can refresh the air through the aroma diffused by the ultrasonic humidifier
-Concentrate on your mind: you can add 3-4 drops essential oil in the water, To refresh your mind when you have a long office meeting or study alone through the subtle aroma diffused by the humidifier.
-Bedtime relax: Relax your body and mind after a busy day. Make you feel relaxed and comfortable through the delicate fragrance all around the bedroom.

Easy to use.