About Us

We are a stockist of modern-day pure undiluted alcohol-free perfume, T40 perfumes guarantees you 72 hours of longevity on its brand and exceeded expectations successfully pleasing our customers. 

T40 perfumes are head-turning with every drop of our pure Oudh. We encourage recycling and advise that you buy perfume in the canister to refill your perfume bottle or buy one from our empty bottle category.

We search far and near to bring you top-quality perfumes that linger for longer at a fraction of the high street, our mission is to continue to work relentlessly to sort you the best from around the world. 

 T40's unique scent is of this century and will remain relevant to the generation to come demand. T40 brand places high demand on shipping to you within 24 hours of receiving your orders, our devoted team is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Welcome to the T40 world of superior quality.