How to Choose a Winter Perfume

Ruby oud, Sweet Noble -

How to Choose a Winter Perfume

Choosing a perfume is just like you choose what to wear in clothes, your wear airy clothes in summer and then layer up jumpers for winter, same with perfume for summer and winter, this winter cold season you need to choose a Oud / woody scent, its deep and intense.

Winter is cold and the weather, it naturally makes your fresh scent vanish quickly, you need an intense perfume that will linger for longer and sustain the harsh weather.

A winter perfume should have a super strong scent in order to pierce through the cold season. You need sweet, spicy and powerful perfume, you need loud scents.

Notes like Vanilla, Rose, Pachouli, Spanish cider, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Orange, Jasmine, Honey, Exotic fruits, Coffee, Cinnamon can help with scent intensity and pierce through layers of clothes that we tend to wear during the cold season. Check note, read the ingredient to choose which best suits you.

My Suggestions; SWEET MELOW, SWEET NOBLE, BELLE, ANGEL, BLENDING MAGIC(UNISEX) ,ANGELICA(UNISEX),RUBY, POISON, BOND(MAN), VELVET DESIRE OUD(UNISEX),TOBACCO OUD(SMOKERS) LION OUD, MAGIC OUD(MAN), SILVER OUD & BLOOM.This list gives you that cozy sparkle you need to uplift your mood and build up confidence during that glacial day.

This is the best time to wear pure oudh perfume due to their potency and longevity. The pure oil perfumes does not dry up or vanish, rather it works with your body temperature and continuously provide a sweet warm scent through out. 

Perfume is happiness, every drop matters with T40 perfumes.